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Passover Message from Rabbi Sarah Reines

Passover is almost here! This is a celebration made for children. We gather for a festive meal where we are directed to ask questions, tell stories, sing songs and play with our food! The seder even ends with a game of hide and go seek. This is all done to highlight the essential purposes of Passover: celebrating our freedom, committing ourselves to liberating others, and passing those lessons down to the next generation. So don’t worry if you don’t have time to clean the apartment, if you order in the food, or if you can’t find the seder plate from your childhood. Use what you have in the time you’ve got to revel in a delight of the senses, a feast of fun, and join your children in their curiosity. You will lead them to the riches of tradition. Who knows where they will take you?

Wishing you all a journey of joy and meaning!

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